Zack Scar is an old friend of Orion who appears in the Animated Series in the second season.
Zack Scar

Zack Scar

Personality: Edit

Zack has Bipolar Disorder and has issues controlling himself. He can be fine one sec and then be very angry the next.

History: Edit

Zack was introduced in Timelines where he was revealed to be mentally ill like Orion and he tried to make friends with him. Zack has Bipolar Disorder, which causes mood swings from depressed to manic. One time, when Orion was trying to help him, Zack lost it and revealed he had lost most of his family in his lifetime. In Orion 10,000, Orion is sent a distress call from Zack's mother and comes to his home. Zack used a knife to cut a X on his chin during one of his Manic stages. Lucian and Daisy had to subdue him and Orion and Rook took him to Pine Grove where Zack stayed a week and was released. Orion revealed that on his home planet, Zack was his brother that showed Orion how to become a leader. He also has to wear prescribed sunglasses cause Zack can't stand the sunlight in his eyes. He is obsessed with grim reapers so much that his nickname is reaper.

Weakness: Edit

  • Zack's illness makes it very hard to control himself. When he speaks, his words are so frightening that he could scare a couple of children. He believes that Orion isn't helping him. He will at times walk off when he gets stressed out.

Notes: Edit

  • Zack is named after Survivefan23's friend Zack Scardino.