Orion Tennyson (Orion Michael Tennyson) is the main character in Orion 10,000. He is from the planet Andresia. He has had a harsh
Orion Tennyson

Orion Tennyson


History: Edit

Orion was a farmer on his home planet. He was sent to Earth in the Earth Year 1996. At age 3, he was diagnosed with Autism. He never spoke till he was 7 or 8. In 2006, his grandfather died of his wounds sustained after a freak lawnmower accident that caught him on fire. It wasn't revealed till the season finally of Timelines that he was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He got over it over the years. In 2012, his sister Callie was killed in a freak car accident that left her brain dead. This left Orion in shock for a long period of time. He was later diagnosed with Paranoid type Schizophrenia.

Weakness: Edit

His mind doesn't work like it used to and will loose control when it gets too hard to handle. He says his brain "Has the attitude span of a 5 year old" meaning that Orion can't control what it says. His brain will say offensive things to him, say "Shut Up", or constantly repeat things like words or a part of a song enough to drive Orion insane. In worst cases, it has also told Orion to die. Orion also sees things like white and black figures and creatures.

Equipment: Edit

  • Omnitrix 10,000
  • Gosei Morpher and Battle Cards
  • Dino Charge Morpher and Dino Chargers
  • Autozooka
  • Ninja Storm Blaster and Sword
  • Robo the RC Robosapian Robot
  • Chest Badge Ultimatrix
  • Cross Blaster
  • Land & Sea Blaster
  • Wolf Warrior Mask and Staff
  • In Space Gold's Space Blaster
  • Thunder X Unlock Key (Used only 1 time)
  • Lightspeed Rescue Gold Ranger Suit

Notes: Edit

  • N/A.
Orion Tennyson (10,000 Form)

Orion in 10,000 Mode!

Orion Tennyson with the Chest Badge!

Orion with the Chest Badge

Orion Tennyson in Heaven Mode!

Orion in Heaven Mode



Dino Charge Morpher & T-Rex Charger

Dino Charge Morpher and T-Rex Charger

Para, Dino Armor X, & Dino Hypnotize Chargers

Para, Dino Armor X, and Hypnotize Chargers

Ninja Battle Blaster and Sword

Ninja Storm Blaster & Sword

Omnitrix 10,000

Omnitrix 10,000 with Hologram

The Cross Blaster!

Cross Blaster

Robosapian RC Robot (Robo)

Robo the RC Robosapian Robot

Wolf Warrior Staff

Wolf Warrior Staff

Wolf Warrior Mask

Wolf Warrior Mask

In Space Gold's Space Blaster

In Space Gold's Blaster

Return of the Thunder - The Thunder Unlock Key (Key used to unlock Thunder X!)

Thunder X Key

Lightspeed Rescue Gold Ranger

Lightspeed Rescue Gold Ranger