Origins: Omega Power! is the 13th episode of the 2nd season of Orion 10,000. This episode features the return of the Omega aliens!
Omega Humoungousaur

Omega Humoungousaur!

Airdate: Edit

August 23th - 29th, 2015

Plot: Edit

While in Heaven, Callie and Lashe unlock something that Orion thought that was lost forever to him, now they're back and stronger, faster, and better than ever. The return of the Omega alien forms!

Major Events: Edit

  • Lashe and Coach Gentry makes their show debut!
  • The Omega aliens are reactivated!
  • Omega Humoungousaur and Omega Big Chill return!
  • Omega Armodrillo Debuts!
  • Levelhead and Ultimate Outbreak Debuts!

Characters: Edit

  • Orion Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Daisy
  • Lucian
  • Kendall
  • Teresa
  • Lonnie
  • Callie
  • Lashe (Debut)
  • Coach Gentry (Debut)

Aliens Used: Edit

  • Levelhead (Debut)
  • Outbreak/Ultimate Outbreak (Debut of Ultimate Form)
  • Humoungousaur/Ultimate Humoungousaur/Omega Humoungousaur (Return of Omega Form)
  • Big Chill/Ultimate Big Chill/Omega Big Chill (Return of Omega Form)
  • Armodrillo/Ultimate Armodrillo/Omega Armodrillo (Debut of Omega Form)
  • Frankenstrike
  • Heatblast
  • Gutrot
  • Doomlock

Gallery: Edit

Omega Big Chill

Omega Big Chill

Omega Armodrillo

Omega Armodrillo